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IABOI Pictures, pronounced "Eye-uh-boy", provides audiences with new films covering a multitude of genres, original scripts, basic videography services, and commercials. IABOI Pictures proudly supports community outreach programs in the Alabama, Jefferson County area by providing select programs with free video and commercial services.

IABOI Pictures’ extensive team of actors, technical crews, stunt performers and other entertainment industry professionals provide their talents to IABOI Pictures on a primarily voluntary basis.

In volunteering their services to IABOI Pictures, these professionals gain public recognition, industry experience, networking, screen credit and valuable portfolio material. Our *volunteers also get to use their talents in giving back to their communities knowing that they have made a difference in the lives of those in need.

Christopher Hurst

IABOI Pictures was founded in 2005 by Director and Cinematographer, Christopher Hurst. Christopher Hurst, social philanthropist, military veteran and martial artist, has been creating scripts and films since 1997. His love of films began when he was a child, as an audience member, formulating his own ideas of how he would have directed or shot the movies he had seen.

Christopher began studying martial arts at the age of 10 and focused on Shaolin Kung-Fu. While in the Army, he expanded his martial arts knowledge to the Indian martial art of Muay Thai and the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira.

Christopher’s purpose as a filmmaker has always been to involve the audience in the act of deeper thought. Whether the genre is comedy, horror or action, the use of film entertainment to provide the audience with life lessons, has been Chris’s, through IABOI Pictures, objective.

In essence, the filmmaker’s Aesop, Christopher credits the philosophical writings of Bruce Lee, the fluid and gritty cinematography of Robert Rodriguez, the inner confidence and outward film expression of Quentin Tarantino, and Ridley Scott and his uncontained imagination. The list of personal influences is extensive and growing on a daily basis. As through his films, Chris finds wisdom and information all around him and is forever seeking to learn.

Through IABOI Pictures, Chris hopes to bring a holistic flavor to mainstream film media and provide a message to the masses.

Fight Choreography

20 years experience in Martial Arts study, in conjunction with his directing ability, enables Christopher Hurst to successfully train actors with little, to no, prerequisite knowledge in Martial Arts and Street Fighting.

Having been a U.S. Army self-defense instructor of the Special Forces Division at Fort Hood, Texas and studied Martial Arts in Hong Kong, Hurst has training in Shaolin Kung-Fu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Capoeira and other Martial Art forms.

Hurst has choreographed numerous fight scenes for various Independent Film directors in the Birmingham, Alabama area, as well as in Austin and San Antonio, Texas.

His skill as a director and expertise in Martial Arts, as well as his genuine concern for the physical safety of his actors - novices and experienced alike, sets Christopher Hurst of IABOI Pictures amongst the best fight choreographers in the state of Alabama!

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