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Actor & Crew Policy

IABOI Pictures voluntary actor and crew policy objective is to provide relevant experience and exposure to rising stars in film! Through partnership with IABOI Pictures independent films, voluntary actors and crews may expect to build networking contacts; achieve indispensable industry experience in front of (and behind) the camera and coveted professional portfolio content!

All actors chosen to work with IABOI Pictures independent film participate on a volunteer basis. In return, IABOI Pictures provides the volunteer with a listing in our Actor & Talent Directory, first audition notifications and considerations, and IABOI Pictures referral to other industry companies. 

IABOI Pictures provides all volunteer actors and crew members with a time considerate filming schedule, on-set food & beverages, 1 hour break per 5 hour shoot, travel compensation over 60 miles one way, and boarding compensation over 90 miles one way. A 2 week notification prior to production scheduling is required to redeem compensation with IABOI Pictures.

In IABOI Pictures commercials, music videos and professional presentations, in which IABOI Pictures receives payment for a service, actors and crews are paid a percentage of the final billing. IABOI Pictures, in regards to monetary considerations, provides upfront advisement of whether a casting is voluntary (non-payment) or a paid position.

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