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The fear of becoming a man has shadowed many young lads, from continent to shore.This is a tale of spirituality, ancestry, and pride. African diaspora in the modern era.

A soldier finds himself in a world without human life while dealing with PTSD and his own personal demons. Will he have the courage to face reality?(pics)
"Assassin's Advice"  grew from the  intrigue of getting advice from a hit man.  After all, who knows more about life than a merchant of death.
Episode #531: Warrior
A dazzling remake of a IABOI crew favorite. In collaboration with Death By Flypaper  Productions, IABOI founder & director, Chris Hurst , creates a world in which Sid, Starr & Vicious evolve and entertwine in this martial arts film.
Ron talks with his therapist about a support group for people with OHD (Obsessive Homicidal Disorder). Created for the 2011 Sidewalk Summer Scramble.
A simple game becomes an epic battle. Originally created for SprintNow's Epic Video Contest 2010, hosted by Michael Bay.
Love- jaded Sid rescues a frazzled Starr from woman-hating Vicious. Created for the Sidewalk Summer Scramble 2009.
As the seeds of mistrust begin to grow, accusations begin to fly, as do the bullets. 
In the game of Love, Terry soon discovers that his passion for Rosalyn is no match for her obsession .
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