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"Assassin's Advice"  grew from the  intrigue of getting advice from a hit man. Fans can send questions to the assassin and he will strive to provide his enlightened insight  towards their saga. Actual fan letters and questions are coupled with the "dirty" work of the assassin, and the audience witnesses his homicidal carnage, as well as, partakes in his wisdom.
Assassin's Advice # 147
"Double Crossed"

Assassin's Advice - Episode#531
Ask the Assassin!
Who knows more about Life, than DEATH?
Leave your question in the message box.
Ask the Assassin anything! Be sure to include your email address to receive his answer.
Beware what you Ask.
Dying to Get RID of that
Not-So-Special Someone?
The Assassin will relate a break-up, announce a retirement, and even express 'not-so-happy' endings in a personalized film from you!
Why get your hands dirty?
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