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Assassin's Advice #147 -
Double Crossed

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A tale of African tradition in the modern world.
Original Music for the film will be provided by,  Birmingham's own, Joell Regal, Brian "Squeeze" Hall & Walter Duke!
~SOLDIER:Not Otherwise Specified
Assassin's Advice #531-Warrior
Birthday Wishes, Anniversary Greetings, Break-Up's or 
Let Down's- 
Hire the Assassin to do it for you!
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~Refuge in Troubles Times (RITT)
*complete  Check out the write up in the
Contact RITT  on FaceBook
~ "SOLDIER:Not Otherwise Specified"  
Full Film will be available soon!
~BLINDED:Rebooted 2012
Post-production* (pics)
~An Alabama Indie Film Community Forum~
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