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! ! ! 2013 WINNERS ! ! !
IABOI Music Contest 2013
               IABOI Pictures is hosting the 2nd Annual IABOI Music Competition  for aspiring singers, musicians, groups, bands and their musical talents to compete to win a professional music video production with IABOI Pictures. Contestants will submit audio performances of themselves and their best music.
3 of the best musical performances will be chosen to receive:
1st Place-  High Note comes complete with a “BackBeatinterview.
                      Includes a 5 day pre-production, up to 3 venues, rehearsals, set & location
                             preparation, costumes, actors, & multi-layer story development
2nd Place- Rhapsody music video package
                      Includes a pre-production, 2 venues & more!
3rd Place-  Ballad music video package
! ! ! 2013 WINNERS ! ! !
1st Place - HIGHNOTE:
Krystal Klein
2nd Place -  Rhapsody:
Krystal Klein
3rd Place - Ballad:
Jas'mine "JazzMine" Garfield
2012 - HIGHNOTE Winner !!
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JazzMine - "Same Ol' Same" Music Video - IABOI Pictures 2013
1st place HighNote Winner of the annual IABOI Music Competition 2012
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