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IABOI Music Contest 2012

! ! WINNERS ! !

1st Place - JazzMine "Same Ol' Same" BIO

2nd Place -Defeated Eden "So Hard to See" BIO

3rd Place - We Dwell Within "Cradle of Darkness Awaits" BIO

(Click Song Titles for Artists' Bio, VIDEO or TRACK)


Meeting amazingly talented artists and bands, from Acid Metal to NeoSoul, as been a GRAND & Uplifting experience, during this 1st annual musical competition! Judges, including peer age groups and industry professionals, have been busy reviewing contestant submissions.

Special thanks to all of our contestants and judges for giving us the opportunity to do what we do best- make films and give back!

Yours in Film,

Christopher Hurst- Writer/Director/Cinematographer

IABOI Pictures


2013 - R U READY ? ? ? ? 

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