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Cinematography ~ Directing ~ Martial Arts Choreography ~ Screenwriting ~ Editing

The Foreign Exchange- Gone, but Not Forgotten



A film by IABOI Pictures

Written & Directed by Christopher Hurst

The fear of becoming a man has shadowed many young lads, from continent to shore.This is a tale of spirituality, ancestry, and pride. African diaspora in the modern era.


SOLDIER : Not Otherwise Specified

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P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a valid medical condition that afflicts the world's military veterans every day. It affects families and friends of veterans on a global scale: mentally, financially and socially.

In 2014, show our veterans that they have not been forgotten. Assist local aid centers, such as Three Hots and a Cot, by volunteering and providing much needed donations, such as food, clothing and money.

For more information about P.T.S.D. go to


Assassin's Advice Episode # 531:


In this newest drama, Episode #531 "Warriors", we discover the Assassin's true talents- martial arts skill AND democratic tendencies! He may be a "hired gun", but he's nobody's fool !!

Assassin's Advice Chronicle

"Assassin's Advice" grew from the intrigue of getting advice from a hit man. Actual fan letters and questions are coupled with the "dirty" work of the Assassin, and the audience witnesses his carnage, as well as, partakes in his wisdom.


The Break Restaurant & Billiards, The Foreign Exchange, &

Norris Novelties were excellent filming locations for RumSmoke!

The Break Restaurant & Billiards is a great place for playing pool and just hanging out! But Don't take our word for it! Go Check it Out for yourself!

The Foreign Exchange is a soulful and artistic lounge where poetry and true musicians may be truly enjoyed! Tell them, IABOI sent you

Norris Novelties is an eclectic hodge-podge of clothing, jewelry & antiques, located in The Farmer's Market! Go visit them and find things you never knew you wanted!

African Village!

Folk Artist- Joe Minter, Sr. - "African Village"

On Sunday, April 21, 2013, we had the blessed opportunity to meet and speak with, world-renowned folk-artist, Joe Minter and his wife, Hilda! We enjoyed all of the "African Village" exhibits, complete with sculptures and writings! To thank, Mr. & Mrs. Minter for allowing us to film their property and sharing with us, Joe's spiritual message, we at IABOI, are providing use of our website to support the "African Village".

View Exhibits at 931 Nassau Ave SW, Birmingham, AL 35211

Call (205) 327-7370

Artist Bio         Donation         Merchandise

Inspired by IABOI Pictures, Christopher Hurst

EPIC Rap Battles of History- Season 2

Gandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr

Check out, the Official Epic Rap Battles of History website to get the song, view other battles and see behind the scenes footage!

*Warning - Explicit Language*

Wedding Packages

Customized Packages are tailored for your special desires!




MUSIC Video Production 

DRAMATIC                                 THEATRICAL                                          SURREAL


With IABOI Pictures' cinematic drama,

Lyrics will touch audiences- Mind, Body & Soul!

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